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Photo of the interior of our jewellery store in Sydney

Sparkles in the Wrong Spotlight: The Glittering Mistakes of Opening a Jewellery Store in the Wrong Location

Sparkles in the Wrong Spotlight: The Glittering Mistakes of Opening a Jewellery Store in the Wrong Location

Ah, the world of gemstones and precious metals! Imagine the thrill we had dreaming of opening our very own jewellery store, each display case filled with shimmering treasures. It's a dream come true until the reality of an empty store and dwindling bank account sets in. Picking the wrong location for our jewellery store was like putting a diamond ring in a Happy Meal box—nobody's going to appreciate its true value. Here’s our travel guide to our sparklingly disastrous decision and how we learnt to avoid future similar pitfalls, all while keeping our humour polished to a high shine.


The Mirage of Foot Traffic: Chasing Ghosts

When you're scouting for the perfect spot to lay down roots for your jewellery store, high foot traffic areas seem like the Holy Grail. Malls, bustling streets, and trendy districts catch your eye with promises of hordes of potential customers. But beware! Not all foot traffic is created equal.

Someone we know found a cozy corner in a popular shopping mall, only to realize that the majority of passersby were teenagers with more interest in bubble tea than jewels. Sure, they brought foot traffic, but their piggy banks weren't exactly overflowing with cash for gold filled rings. The jeweller’s hopes of ringing up sales were dashed by the relentless pursuit of window-shopping youths. Lesson learned: Always research the demographic that makes up the foot traffic. Teenagers might love to browse, but they're not buying big-ticket items. Our store was located in Manly in Sydney. Busy on summer weekends with tourists who all headed straight to the beach down the main road - dead as a doornail on a midweek winter day!


The Outskirts Fiasco: A Drive Too Far

On the flip side, we got seduced by lower rent in quieter areas. The thought process usually goes, "If I build it, they will come." Unfortunately, this isn't a Hollywood movie, and the field of dreams can quickly become a wasteland of despair.

We set up shop on a side street of a suburban beach town in Sydney. The rent was relatively low,  but the location was too far for our main target audience of city dwellers and Eastern Suburbs . Customers weren't willing to drive 45 minutes out of their way to browse rings, no matter how beautiful they were. We learned the hard way that convenience for customers is worth the extra rent.


Overlooking Local Culture: The Wrong Vibe

Cultural nuances can make or break a business, and jewellery stores are no exception. What appeals to customers in one region might be a complete flop in another.

We opened our little boutique in a small town known for its relaxed beach living and casual dressing vibes. We had some beautiful and bold pieces but the local clientele were more of a boho crowd preferring simpler, less statement styles that suited their lifestyle. The key lesson? Understand the local culture and tailor your inventory to fit the community's tastes and budget or find your audience and set up there!


Parking Perils: The Convenience Conundrum

We live in a fast-paced world where convenience is king. If customers have to circle the block ten times just to find a parking spot, they're likely to give up and go elsewhere. Parking in Manly was a constant source of frustration even for us arriving at work before 9am.

Customers get frustrated by the lack of parking. Many opt to shop online or at more accessible locations. No matter how beautiful the store or its inventory, if customers can't easily get there, they won't come. Moral of the story? Ensure your store is accessible, with ample parking or easy public transport options.


The Digital Disconnect: Failing to Embrace Technology

In today's digital age, having an online presence is crucial for any retail business, including brick-and-mortar jewellery stores. However, we mistakenly believed that their our physical store alone would be enough to draw in customers.

At the time we launched into opening our store we’d neglected to build a robust online presence. We relied solely on walk-in traffic, missing out on the vast potential of online marketing and e-commerce. With a brand new website and limited social media presence, we struggled to attract new customers, especially younger, tech-savvy shoppers. Embracing technology and integrating online sales could have significantly boosted business, and we should have waited until being better established online before rushing into opening a store. The key takeaway? In today's market, a strong digital presence complements and enhances your physical store.


Ignoring Local Regulations: The Red Tape Trap

Opening a store involves more than just selecting a location and setting up displays. There are numerous regulations and permits to consider, and overlooking these can lead to costly fines and even closure.

We were eager to open quickly, skipped some crucial steps in researching and securing the necessary permits to paint a mural on the outside wall of our store and adhering to local zoning laws. The window area of our frontage was pretty limited which on reflection was pretty ridiculous for products like jewellery that rely on light and visibility. We opened our doors with no proper signage, no mural to attract passersby into the store and we looked like amateurs. This not only drained our finances but also damaged our reputation. The lesson here is clear: always do your due diligence and ensure all legal aspects are in order before opening your store.


Seasonal Struggles: Timing is Everything

Timing can be a critical factor in the success of a new jewellery store. Opening at the wrong time of year can lead to immediate financial strain and slow sales.

We stupidly opened right before winter in the year right after the pandemic. With customers already stretched thin from job losses and spending, the first few months were bound to be slow and discouraging even if we hadn’t made all the other mistakes first! A smarter move would have been to open before the Xmas and summer holidays, capitalising on the peak gift-giving season. Timing your grand opening to coincide with high-demand periods can give your store a significant boost right from the start.


Branding Blunders: The Identity Crisis

Your store's brand is its identity, and getting it wrong can confuse potential customers and dilute your market presence.

Our pieces are high quality and beautiful but we fitted our store out on a shoestring budget - picture Pandora but in a store fitted with IKEA units. Customers walked in expecting luxury and taste only to be met with a bargain basement aesthetic. The mismatch between the store's branding and its actual offerings created confusion and deterred potential buyers. Consistency in branding is crucial; your store's name, logo, and marketing should align with the type of products you sell and the clientele you wish to


Underestimating Marketing: The Invisible Store

"No marketing" is not a viable strategy. Even if we’d opened a stunning store with a fantastic location, believing that word-of-mouth alone would not have been enough to bring in customers. We quickly discovered that in a crowded market, visibility is crucial.

Without a solid marketing plan, the store remained virtually invisible to potential customers. Investing in local advertising, social media campaigns, Instagram advertising, influencer outreach and community events could have significantly increased our visibility and customer base. The moral? Never underestimate the power of marketing. Even the most beautiful store needs to be seen to be successful.


Conclusion: The Final Sparkle

Opening a jewellery store was meant to be a thrilling venture filled with the promise of beautiful gems and delighted customers. However, the sparkle quickly faded because we chose the wrong retail unit in the wrong location. From chasing the wrong kind of foot traffic to ignoring local trends and culture, the pitfalls are numerous but avoidable.

By doing thorough research, understanding your market, and embracing both digital and traditional marketing strategies, if we ever set up another bricks and mortar jewellery store up it will hopefully be much more successful! Remember, if you’re thinking of getting into any type of business the right location is more than just a spot on the map; it's about finding a place where your business can truly shine. So, polish your strategy, cut through the competition, and let your business sparkle in the right location.

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