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The Two Broke Chicks at a photo shoot for a Bixby and Co collaboration

Bixby and Co Twin Flame Collection

Bixby & Co Twin Flame Collection, in collaboration with the best friends behind Two Broke Chicks, Sal & Al.

In their own words the collection is ‘ An ode to the platonic soulmates and inspiring women in our lives, the collection is our answer to an elevated version of the friendship bracelets, necklaces and rings that used to bond our friendships growing up.
Whether you rock them solo or with a friend, the classic designs of each individual piece mean you can easily mix and match them with others in the collection or existing treasures in your jewellery box.
We hope this collection serves as a powerful reminder that some of the most important relationships of all are the friendships with those we’re lucky enough to call our twin flames. ‘

We had the best time working with the girls on this collection. They are sweet and bubbly and full of life and ideas. They’ve created and sustained a wonderful community around their deep friendship and their life and shopping advice. They have a super successful podcast covering all sorts of Gen Z and Millennial relatable issues, which you can listen to here > 
We were super lucky to ‘star’ in their first Instagram post in a series titled “brands that should be viral but aren’t.” Al chatted about us and showed some of our pieces, and though we hadn’t heard of them at this point, we noticed a sudden influx of orders that day and didn’t know what the hell was going on 😂

Since then we’ve become friends with the girls and admire their vision and drive enormously. Since we met they’ve launched a super successful Rich in Life journal and life planner and now this collection with us. They’re even working on their own book soon to be published!
Red is their colour and it’s certainly on trend right now across fashion and accessories- especially with winter just around the corner.
We’re super proud of this little capsule jewellery collection and we hope you love it too. 

The girls were involved ‘hands on’ right from the beginning in designing and imagining each piece, and how it would capture their personalities and the vision of friendship and shared history. Each of our pieces is made using 14 and 18k gold fill metal and the gemstones are red recycled glass, locally and ethically sourced. Like our other jewellery the pieces are created to be waterproof and tarnish resistant - though with all the delicate stones we wouldn’t advice hard exercise or sea swimming. 

Each name represents someone who holds a special place in Sal and Al’s hearts - Lillian was the name of Sals beloved Nan, and everyone knows Cher of course. If you have listened to The Broke Chicks podcast you’ll know that they both take great inspiration from Cher’s strength. 

However you personally imagine friendship and manifest it in your life, we hope your ties are as strong and Sal and Al - and even Annie and I - though it’s weird having a mum as a best friend I guess 😉

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