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Bixby supports I=change

Bixby and Co and I=change

Bixby and Co and I=Change 


As a brand, we recognise the power of our platform to drive positive change in the communities around us. We are committed to generating meaningful change for a better, more sustainable future.

Bixby and Co is excited to be part of i=Change, where $1 from every online order is donated to a charitable cause that is close to our heart.

We love that our partnership allows us to be collaborative with our customers. At the checkout, customers have the power to choose one of three life-changing projects to support with $1 from their order.

We are committed to providing more transparency of the impact of our donations. You can track the impact of our partnership in real time, with i=Change.

Bixby and Co helping I=Change

Ending the Marriage of Girls in India - The Challenge

Young girls are the most vulnerable in India. 2 in every 5 marriages in India involve a child.

The state of Bihar has one of the highest rates of child marriage, where 46% of girls marry before the legal age of 18. These girls are not only denied their childhood but suffer from developmental issues due to early pregnancy. They become vulnerable to STI’s including HIV/AIDS, increased risk of domestic violence, and limited opportunities for education and employment.

When girls are empowered, they grow into empowered women who break down patriarchal structures. The effects ripples into their families and communities, promoting social justice, gender equality and economic development.

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Bixby and Co Empowering women in India

Empower A Leader 

The Hunger Project works to create and enable COVID resilient communities, build peace, trust and cohesion - starting with women in the state of Rajasthan, who are faced with regular threats to their safety.

The Hunger Project works with women elected to their local councils (panchayats). Often from low socio-economic backgrounds, illiterate and uneducated, they are thrust into positions of power for the first time.

Through The Hunger Project's 5-year training program, these women leverage their new power and influence to question and defy entrenched social norms; transform gender relations, role model leadership for adolescent girls, promote girls’ education, prevent child marriage, and advocate for transformative change in their communities.

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Dignity During Disasters 

Bixby and Co working with the UN

When crisis occurs, people’s lives change in an instant.

Death, injury, displacement, and the destruction left behind impacts entire communities. Women and girls are affected differently by disasters. Disasters often kill more women than men and hit women’s livelihoods hardest.

The needs of women and girls are often overlooked and ignored in the immediate response to conflict and disaster. Simple items such as sanitary napkins, a clean pair of underwear and soap can help restore dignity for women and girls following disaster and conflict.

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